"Taste of Maple"


"Рай - це ти >>>>> listen
"Танго літа"  >>>>> listen
"Озеро кохання"  > listen
"Не рубай ліщину" listen 

"Red Apples"


"Україна>>>>>>>> listen
"Було не ходити"   listen
"Місто спить" >>>> listen
"Команиця" >>>>>> listen


"Your blue eyes drive me crazy"


"Кленовий вогонь">> listen
"Чом ти не прийшов" listen
"Циганське кохання">listen
"Ой, ти місяцю" >>>>>listen

Studio Works


"Розмарія >>>>>> listen
"Лайкни мене"  >> listen
"Одна ніч щастя"> listen
"Polska Україна" > listen   

Videos Festivals Performances


"Lemko Vatra>>>>>>watch
"Festival  Toronto  watch
"Fest. Square One"  watch

Videos Parties Performances


"Malanka Kitchener"watch
"Wedding" >>>>>>> watch
"Malanka Davis  >>watch


Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Volodymyr Steliac
St. Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral Metropolitan Washington DC

"Thank you Mosaic for a fantastic performance at our Ukrainian festival you did an excellent job keeping the Ukrainian culture alive and our guests were thrilled."

Z.S Wochok, Ph.D.
The Wochok Group, LLC

"Really enjoyed your performance at the wedding of Oleg Yarmola and Oksana Drugala this past weekend. Your versatility and strong performances were very enjoyable and helped create an amazingly festive event. Thanks again for helping make the wedding an event to be remembered."

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