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"If you construct a better mousetrap, you have a better chance to catch a mouse"
Solomon Short David Gerrold "A day for Damnation" (The war against chtorr, book 2)

Mosaic is well known and loved in the Ukrainian community in Toronto. We are very busy and constantly invited to perform at various concerts, festivals and weddings. We are very involved with charity work both in Canada and the USA, we feel very strongly about being able to bring the Ukrainian culture to everyone. We have done charity performances in The Ukrainian festivals of Toronto, Mississauga and Rochester.

Over time musical style changes and so does the direction that clients ask us to take our music, We are constantly striving to improve and modernize our composition and song making. Smaller talented bands are now starting to replace grand orchestra performers by skillfully recreating the same musical grandiosity with their talent.

Families forever going through transition, any given calendar year brings forth new and exciting events such as weddings, births and baptisms as well as old traditions such as anniversaries and birthdays. Our role is to help families celebrate these events. We also provide entertainment for large corporate events and charity work by bringing in the spice of music.

The duo "Mosaic" - Iryne Teneta and Oleh Melnitchouk have vast and immense amount of musical  experience with a original repertoire which is a fusion of both traditional and modern music.

Iryna is a typical Ukrainian woman from Halychyna, with a  professional lyrical voice which was perfected at Lviv University Academy of Music and rehearsed many times at the various performances she starred in, in Ukraine where she touched the hearts of many audience members frequently. She also plays the keyboard!

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Our History

1993 - Our Beginning...

The Ukrainian music group Mosaic was established in October 1993, when Oleh Melnitchouk immigrated to Canada. Initially songs were focused on the difficult reality of immigration, and shifts in lifestyle and future. The music functions as a reminder and memory of the past. The emergence of Mosaic was a pleasant surprise in the life of the Ukrainian community in Toronto. Initially the band performed under the name " Zorjana Krynyzja" It comprised Oleh Melnitchouk, Leon Vynnytskyij, Victor Tsvirko. With their arrival began a new period of creativity, and the band changed its name to "Mosaic". Over the years there have been a few members. We would like to thank them all for being with us! Olexandr Leskiv, Myroslav Bilyj, Evhen Sokhan, Gennadyj Burkivskyy, Michael Dorosh, singers Hanna Radevich and Oksana Pikush.


2009 - Mosaic's Changes...

New history for Mosaic began from 2009 when Oleh started performing with the talented musician and singer Iryna Teneta. Mosaic completely changed their repertoire. They began using their own songs, as well as other popular culture music and works of composers Volodymyr Humenchuk,Mykhailo Moda,Oleg Kotsyuba, Anatolyj Zastup, Oleh Kraevskyj, Jurij Voronyuk, and others...

Our Studio

Mosaic Studio - Song Factory imbued with Spirit

Studio Mosaic was originally created for the musical needs of Mosaics band members. Over time, Mosaic accumulated a great deal of musical projects and other musicians, organizations and individuals began asking for use of the studio's resources in compositional creation of musical works, arrangement, recording and processing vocals in order to produce their own CDs.

Studio Mosaic also works with children in preparing them for concerts and other musical performances as well as helping them create, record songs and build up a musical portfolio. We are always looking for new talented artists to work in our studio with us. If you are interested in composition and have a few ideas in mind Studio Mosaic is a good to be! We can make your musical ideas become a reality. Feel free to write down your songs, melodies or musical pieces on any form of media device and send it to us!

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