About Our Talent

This site will introduce you Mosaic from Toronto, Canada and allow you to learn more about the band members and get a chance to listen to some of their songs...



  • FestivalsPerformances at Ukrainian festivals and concerts...
  • Corporate eventsPerformances at corporate celebrations and events...
  • Family Celebrations Performances at weddings, anniversaries, parties and other private events...

What’s New


"Historia de un Amor"
Famous Spanish song. We wrote some Ukrainian lyrics for this song. Listen >>> here.


New song  about the Ukrainian Mountainside where shepherds herd lots of sheep, and a romantic dating place for young couples. Listen >>> here

Our Philosophy

Mosaic is well known and loved in the Ukrainian community in Toronto this is why we are constantly invited to perform at various concerts, festivals and weddings. Weddings! Weddings! And more weddings! Ukrainian weddings in Canada are not only a place for lovers but also a place for community and culture. Mosaic is pleased to provide you musical entertainment for all your family celebration needs. Mosaic's philosophy is centered around our spirit of the Ukrainian Person.

We believe in philanthropy, charity and soulful music which captures the struggle of immigration and the common human experience. We bring with us high enthusiasm energy and a positive mood. Dozens of Ukrainian families both in Canada and the USA have invited Mosaic to perform at family celebrations and have had a great time! Come celebrate with a Mosaic!

Coming Soon


Celebration Party

We will be performing at the Private Function in Oakville (Canada)



Wedding Oksana and Ihor

We will be performing at the wedding party Oksana and Ihor in Toronto

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